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LONDON, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- Vulnerabilities in wearable fitnesstrackers could threaten the privacy and security of the data theyrecord, and manufacturers need to improve these products to betterprotect users' personal data, according to a study publishedThursday by the University of Edinburgh.

These wearable devices, which can track heart rate, steps takenand calories burned, are getting more and more popular amongconsumers around the world.

But exploiting security weak spots in the communicationprocedures of some gadgets could allow unauthorized sharing ofpersonal data with third parties, including online retailers andmarketing agencies, according to the study. It was carried out byresearchers from The University of Edinburgh and their colleaguesin Germany and Italy.

An Edinburgh team carried out an in-depth security analysis oftwo popular models of wearable fitness trackers made by Fitbit.

They discovered a way of intercepting messages transmittedbetween fitness trackers and cloud servers, where data is sent foranalysis. This allowed them to access personal information andcreate false activity records.

The team even demonstrated how the system that keeps data on thedevices secure -- called end-to-end encryption -- can becircumvented. By dismantling devices and modifying informationstored in their memory, researchers bypassed the encryption systemand gained access to stored data.

In response to the findings, Fitbit has developed softwarepatches to improve the privacy and security of its devices,according to the team.

Our work demonstrates that security and privacy measuresimplemented in popular wearable devices continue to lag behind thepace of new technology development, said Dr. Paul Patras, from TheUniversity of Edinburgh.

"We welcome Fitbit's receptiveness to our findings, theirprofessional attitude towards understanding the vulnerabilities weidentified and the timely manner in which they have improved theaffected services," Patras also said.

To help manufacturers remove similar weaknesses from futuresystem designs, the team has produced specific guidelines.Enditem

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