The most popular way of moving cars is by placing them on tractor-trailers. Like all highly-specialized machinery Justin Houston Jeysey , the tractor-trailers that transport vehicles are unique, and understanding their design will boost your understanding of the process of delivery. The two types of tractor-trailers, full and semi are investigated in turn below.

The standard design for full trailers involves them being pulled by a drawbar, hence the name A-Frame drawbar trailers. The front and rear axles require added support Despite these features, the full trailer is only used for long distance auto shipping.

Full trailers can handle heavier loads compared to semi-trailers. Because of their unusual axle supports and rigidity, and greater size, full trailers are difficult to maneuver. At 23 meters long, 2.6 meters wide and as much as 4.15 meters high, a full trailer is very large.

Semi-trailers, on the other hand, only have rear axles. In order to avoid uneven weight distribution, some of the weight is supported by the front of the trailer when in motion. The vehicle pulling the trailer takes some of the weight of the semi-trailer and onto its rear axle.

The semi-trailer is the logical choice when transporting vehicles. Gone are the issues of maneuverability that haunt full trailers, because the small semi is lighter, easier to aim and reverse. The versatile semi-trailer can be used for auto shipping regardless of the distance that needs to be covered.

It seems semi-trailers just get better! You don’t need to worry; attaching the semi-trailer couldn’t be easier. In case the prime mover or the towing tractor experiences a problem, transferring the semi-trailer to another tractor will not be difficult, and the trailer can continue on its way.

It also has some disadvantages. Snow is a big obstacle for semi-trailers because of the way they are designed. Overall, however, it is ideal for auto shipping and is used by most auto shippers.

Advances in technology mean that tractor-trailers can carry 12 cars per journey. Hydraulic ramps, which can be raised or lowered, allow shippers to load cars efficiently. On some trailers the vehicles are raised in order to create space beneath them.

Drivers in the auto transport industry are also in charge of the loading process. Thus, he should know which cars ought to be delivered first and which ones are to be delivered last. Those that will be delivered first must be loaded last, and those that will be delivered last must be loaded first so that there will be no unnecessary loading and unloading of vehicles.

Not all trailers are designed the same, and so various packing strategies are needed. Sometimes they are driven in forward onto the trailer and sometimes they are driven in backwards, depending on the ramps’ design. The important thing is to maximize all the space while keeping the cars securely in place to ensure that they are transported properly and safely.

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