Thailand is blessed with a multitude of human and natural resources. International travelers can enjoy the rainforests Raekwon McMillan Dolphins Jersey , plains, mountains and beaches all amongst the most beautiful in the world. A major reason why nearly 10 million visitors come to Thailand each year.

The islands in the Andaman are some of the worlds best tourist destinations, and include a wide variety of activities such as diving, jet skiing, wind surfing for the adventurous to relaxing on the beach or staying at one of the numerous world famous spas of which Thailand is famous. A vast choice of accommodation awaits the millions of visitors to the Andaman's from traditional thatched roof bungalows to luxurious penthouse style houses.

As remarkable as Thailand's renowned variety of attractions, scenic and cultural is the diversity to be found in any one part of the country. The Andaman coast is certainly one of the most striking areas, and Phuket is famous for its beauty and wealth of attractions. Southern Thailand stands apart from the rest of the country as being more tropical. It has the highest rainfall, giving a deeper green to the vegetation, while the geological make up of sheer limestone formations adds drama to the landscape. The six provinces along the Western coast are characterized by the Andaman sea which has numerous excellent coral reefs making it a paradise for divers. The water is warm year round and so is always comfortable to swim in.

Phuket is Thailand's best known and most popular tourist destination. It is the largest island in Thailand and an administrative kingdom unto itself. The island is 48 kilometers long and 21 kilometers at the widest point. The island encompasses scenic diversity in its widely different beach locales, its urban centre and in its mountainous interior. In spite of modern development, Phuket remains a stunning island. With a causeway linking it to the mainland, it hangs from Thailand's Southern peninsula like an emerald pendant. The land drops to a rugged coastline on the East side whilst on the West the slopes are gentler. Each beach has its own unique atmosphere, whether it is quiet and serene or bold and brash.

Many areas once ruined by the extensive tin mining from days gone by have been transformed, Bang Tao beach for example was once a worked out tin mine but now a plethora of 5 star deluxe hotels dot the area and the beach has been stunningly landscaped. Many of the golf courses too, utilize abandoned pits used for mining.

Overshadowed by it's reputation for sun, sea and sand, but nonetheless part of the attraction is the islands multicultural heritage. Long used by Arab traders hundreds of years ago, and also colonized by the French and British, and Chinese has meant that Phuket is a melting pot of different cultures and offers a fascinating blend of Thai, Chinese, and Muslim traditions. Differences are graphically witnessed in the juxtaposition of ornate Thai Buddhist temples, rather more garishly colored Chinese temples and the domes of mosques that dot the landscape. Yet these ethnic contrasts belie an ethnic harmony and diverse influences have been comfortably absorbed. All of this contributes to Phuket being rightly justified as one of the worlds best tourist destinations.
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