Anyone with insomnia knows that preparing for the long night ahead can feel a bit like walking a tight rope DJ Moore Panthers Jersey , a balancing act so to speak. Working your way down the hallway toward the bedroom has become a real act of courage, the dreaded journey into the unknown. We go through our mental checklist of preparedness and at the same time we remind ourselves not to think about it too much or the cycle of the wondering mind will already have an early start on the game. The aimlessly wondering mind, once unleashed, can become an untamable beast that stands between you and your dwindling hopes of some much needed rest. Will you get yours tonight?
Of all the things that can lead to another long sleepless night, which there are many, sometimes we overlook one of the easiest things that we are in full control of. I'm talking about our comfort, the temperature to be more specific. All of the preparedness in the world can go out the window in an instant with the distraction of a sweaty pillow or a cold draft causing chills to run up your spine. A bead of sweat running through your hair will keep your mind wondering and your body moving just trying to get comfortable. This is all common sense, nothing groundbreaking here, but actually the temperature in the room has a much more profound effect on your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep than just the pestering distractions that come with it.
All humans have our own internal biological clocks that map out our daily cycles for us. It's what doctors call our Circadian Rhythm. It's our behind the scenes schedule that initiates and controls our day and night cycles along with some help from the sun. This 24 hour cycle has a direct impact on our appetite, body temperature and sleep timing just to name a few. Our bodies don't react like an old battery that keeps draining its' energy minute by minute resulting is us feeling more tired as the energy is expended, rather we tend to be awake and alert in the day and begin to feel more tired with the onset of the night. A well rested body during the day will still require sleep that night.
When your Circadian clock senses that it's time to make the transition from the wake cycle to the sleep cycle, it signals your body to lower its core temperature. If your room is too warm, your body will struggle to lower its temperature to the zone necessary for the onset of sleep to occur. Likewise, if your room is too cold, your body will begin to work overtime to bring your temperature up to the desired level. Although the optimum room temperature for someone to get the best sleep possible can vary from person to person, it is typically going to be in around the 65 Degree Fahrenheit mark. Generally speaking, you're better off leaning toward the cooler side of the thermostat. You can always warm up slightly by cuddling with a sheet or blanket, whereas decreasing the temperature in your room to get comfortable is not as easily done. During the summer, it's much better to have your air conditioner running a little harder to maintain the comfort you need. I would much rather spend a little more on my utilities if it meant I was setting myself up for a better nights sleep.
Comfort, although a formidable weapon in any Insomniac's arsenal is not a cure all, especially for those who's insomnia stems from an underlying medical condition. Regardless of what's causing your insomnia, let's chip away at the easy stuff and not overlook that one extra thing that is causing many of us to toss and turn at night. Keep an eye on that thermostat at night.
WELLINGTON, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- It's long been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but New Zealand scientists say they have identified exactly what ingredient of fruit and vegetables is so healthy.

Research from the government's Plant & Food Research institute suggested that compounds in fruits and vegetables support the natural beneficial microorganisms in the gut that help us digest food and keep our bodies in balance.

Polyphenols, produced naturally in plants and including the compounds that give fruits and vegetables colour, were one of only a few classes of compounds that reach the colon without being digested, said a statement from Plant & Food Tuesday.

Researchers had demonstrated that the compounds were broken down in the colon to produce molecules that had a positive effect on microorganisms naturally found in the digestive system that were known to support digestion and the immune system.

"Dietary fibre and polyphenols both reach the colon and therefore can have an effect on colonic microbiota," research leader Dr. Shanthi Parkar said in the statement.

"Our research has shown that the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables are broken down by bacteria in the colon. Our studies in the lab have shown that these simpler products influence the microorganisms in the digestive system to support optimum gut health."

The study showed that it might be possible to extract plant polyphenols and use them as ingredients in functional foods that promote gut health, he said.

Fruits, vegetables may lower women's bladder cancer risk: U.S. study

WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- U.S. researchers said Friday that a greater consumption of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of developing invasive bladder cancer in women.

Researchers from the University of Hawaii wrote in the Journal of Nutrition that they analyzed data collected from 185,885 older adults over a period of 12.5 years. Overall, 152 women and 429 men were diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer.

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