BEIJING , Dec. 21 (Xinhua) -- The 2016 Chinese Billiard World Championship will be held in March, 2016, again in southeastern China's Yushan county cheap nike air max 90 , Jiangxi province.

The championship held in next March will offer total prize money of over three million RMB (about 462,900 U.S. dollars). The winners of men and women's final will respectively receive 600,000 and 400 cheap air max 90 mens ,000 RMB. About 300 outstanding players including Mark Selby, John Higgins will join the pursuit to the champion.

As the Chinese billiard tournament of the highest level, the World Championship had its debut in 2015 in Yushan. Darren Appleton defeated Mark Selby 21-19 in the final of men's tournament while Baige from China became the first woman to win the world champion of Chinese billiard.

The 2016 Chinese Billiard World Championship will also be the start of a four years' session during which Yushan will hold four consecutive World Championships.

The championship is now listed in official matches of World Pool-Billiard Association(WPA).

WPA will be promoting the championship worldwide. "The sport cheap air max 90 kids , which China owns proprietary intellectual property rights, is becoming increasingly popular," said WPA president Ian Anderson.

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