Following the Dec. 16 Taliban carnage of 140 innocent school children and 10 teachers at the Pakistani Army-run school in Peshawar Authentic Gustav Nyquist Jersey , the government has started to adopt extraordinary measures that include the setting up of special courts to speed up the resolution of terrorism-related cases.

"Due to some legal loopholes, the terrorists involved in serious offenses have continued to evade sentences. Therefore, the special courts under the supervision of army officers are being established so that the criminals could be meted their punishment without any delay Authentic Justin Abdelkader Jersey ," Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said in a televised address on Dec. 25.

The concept of the military-led courts was floated as the Taliban and other militant groups in the country have intensified attacks not just against security and military targets but also civilian institutions such as schools and other private facilities.

The announcement came as the Taliban killing of schoolchildren sparked widespread condemnation in Pakistan and the Sharif government had been under pressure to implement tough measures against the Taliban and other militant groups in the country.

After the Peshawar attack, the deadliest and most inhuman launched by the Taliban in Pakistan's history, the prime minister received bipartisan support for the extraordinary measures designed to avenge the killing of innocent schoolchildren and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Immediately after the attack Authentic Nick Jensen Jersey , Sharif vowed to wipe out terrorism in the country. He announced the termination of the moratorium on the death penalty in Pakistan.

In many terrorism-related cases, the accused would escape punishment because of weak prosecution and reluctance of the witnesses to testify against the terrorists for fear of retaliation. Several judges and lawyers have also been killed in bomb attacks for their role in the prosecution of the cases against the militants.

The setting up of military-led courts and other anti-terrorism measures are being undertaken with consensus of the political parties and the support of the parliament. Legislators have assured that it will provide legal cover for these measures.

Another important part of the proposed legislation is the inclusion of terrorist acts or sectarian violence against minorities in the list of offenses to be tried by military courts. Banned militant groups have also been targeting minorities and even Muslims of rival sects.

The Peshawar bomb attack has unified all mainstream political and religious parties to fully support the extraordinary anti- terrorism measures. Some parties, which had always opposed military operations against armed groups Jonathan Ericsson Jersey , have now thrown their unequivocal support for the measures.

The ruling party had been active in recent days to quickly work on new legislation in line with the decisions taken at a conference of major political parties and military leaders. The government will face no opposition to the required constitutional amendments since all political parties in the parliament have promised unconditional support.

During the past few days, Prime Minister Sharif had personally consulted ministers, legal experts and leaders of political parties to get a broad-based consensus on the anti-terror measures. Political watchers have said that Pakistan has rarely seen such a united stance on any issue.

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