Designing green mining machinery is main trend

The domestic demands for energy conservation and environmentally friendly production is increasingly strong; from the development trend Cheap Adam Henrique Jersey , producing energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient crusher, sand maker is undoubtedly the dominant direction in the future. Today, crushing equipment production enterprises increasingly focuse on the R & D and produce efficient, energy-saving machinery. Zhengzhou Hongxing Mining Machinery Co. Cheap Nico Hischier Jersey , Ltd. crusher and sand making commonly used design principles of long-life, low power consumption and ease of operation, by optimizing the structure of the product and accessories to achieve the most economical form to play crusher efficiency. Zhengzhou Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. crushing machinery products are considered the aspects of equipment maintenance treatment, depreciation vulnerability and noise and environmental protection in the initial design phase.

Mining Machinery is a major source of pollution with resources consumption. Faced with increasingly severe resource and environmental constraints Cheap Brian Boyle Jersey , closely around the design and management of 4R's product lifecycle to reduce energy consumption, pollution is an important means to achieve sustainable development strategy. The specific measures: (1) use the design principles of long-life, low energy consumption and reduce the weight. Extend product life and reduce the amount of mechanical production and reduce its scrapped; reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution; lightweight and high efficiency can reduce the consumption of materials and resources. (2) Maximize the use of materials of low environmental load, not use Freon (air conditioning) Cheap Beau Bennett Jersey , chlorinated rubber, resin and asbestos and other hazardous materials as much as possible. Make the pollution of waste parts minimization and overall cost optimization; in the initial design phase of mining machinery products, it should be considered of dealing with scrap pieces with simple treatment, low cost and pollution, convenient parts disintegration; (3) use recycled materials and resourcee; (4) reduce the vibration and noise of the machine to reduce the pollution of surrounding environment.

The 21st century Cheap Andy Greene Jersey , China has become an outstanding mining machinery manufacturing country and get worldwide attention; Through independent innovation and the development of digital, intelligent, ecological, mining machinery will make a greater contribution to China's economic construction and social development.

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