WINDHOEK , March 10 (Xinhua) -- The Namibian fistball league will begin on March 14 and the commencement of the league is set to pave the road and serve as preparations for the men's fistball world championships to be held later in the year in Argentina.

The league will kick off on Saturday and will be sponsored by a local bank, Bank Windhoek at the SFC Sport Club in the coastal town of Swakopmund.

All eyes will be on the national team players who are busy with their preparations for the world championships.

The team will be travelling to Argentina in November where the tournament will be held in the province of Cordoba. The current squad of 15 players will be reduced to a final ten player squad over the following months.

Meanwhile for this weekend's league ties, favorites to win the National A league will be serial champions, SKW 1. The team with the most capped national team players with the likes of Michael Baas, had a good start to the season Hydro Flask 24 OZ Clarance , when they won the season's first silverware at the Bank Windhoek season opening tournament, held three weeks ago.

Following is the list of teams registered to compete in this year's edition: Argentina, Australia (first appearance), Austria, Brazil Hydro Flask 40 OZ Clarance , Chile, Colombia (first appearance), Czech Republic, Germany, India (first appearance) Hydro Flask 64 OZ Clarance , Italy, Namibia, Pakistan (first appearance), South Africa (first appearance), Switzerland and USA.

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