Dog tn problem but it is understandable that a dog owner would be concerned. Tear stains look like sticky Dan Marino Dolphins Jerseyear stains is a common problem but it is understandable that a dog owner would be concerned. Tear stains look like sticky Dan Marino Dolphins Jersey , sometimes brown tears that form around the dog’s eyes and can even trail down to his mouth. This makes many dog owners feel as though they are doing something wrong and that their dog is unhappy. Dog tear staining is actually caused by bacteria and it has several causes that are within the owner’s control and prevent. Knowing the contributing factors and using a tear stain remover will permanently cure the underlying causes of dog tear stains.

The Causes of Tear Staining


Even though there are many contributing causes to staining, none are directly responsible. Unnecessary tear staining is caused by moisture that flows from the eyes and into the fur of the dog or cat. The moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and this build-up around the eyes reacts to light and turns an orange-brown color. Due to the nature of this cause, breeds with longer fur around their eyes are more susceptible to tearing, such as the Maltese, bichon and Persian cats.

Drinking Water

The pet’s drinking water is a source of a very high mineral count. When a dog drinks she may splash water all over her face and get the fur wet where the bacteria likes to grow; around the dear ducts. One solution to this cause of tear stains is to switch the dog onto commercially purified water and to train her to use a bottle for drinking. In many cases this has significantly reduced the severity and frequency of tearing.

The Dog’s food

Similarly to the water Jordan Phillips Dolphins Jersey , the food that the dog eats can play a large role in a problem with tear staining. Many commercial dog foods contain meat pulp, which strains the hairs around the dog’s face. One simple solution to this cause is to clean the dog’s face after every meal, making sure that there is no leftover food from dinner.

These causes of tear staining in dogs are common issues and offer easy solutions. However, in many cases the occurrence and severity of tear staining does not get better. The dog owner should treat the primary source of the problem; the bacteria. This can be achieved by using a product that is administered into food and snacks in a powdered form. A supplementary medication, in combination with careful trimming around the eyes can show significant results in 15 to 60 days.

Where to Buy a Cure for Tear Stains

Pets’ Spark provides a solution for dog tear stains. Their powdered formula has been developed to kill the bacteria and treat the problem of tear stains DeVante Parker Dolphins Jersey , not just cover the physical effects of the issue. The product comes in a variety of flavours including: beef liver, vegetarian, sweet potato and chicken. For more information on Pets’ Spark tear stain removal solutions visit, PetsSpark.

Pets’ Spark provides a solution for dog tear stains. For more information on Pets’ Spark tear stain removal solutions visit, PetsSpark.

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