LAGOS Air Max Soldes Pas Cher , Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- At least two people lost their livesin the outbreak of Lassa Fever in Lagos, Nigeria's economic hub,while 100 others are currently under observation, a doctor saidTuesday.

In a statement sent to Xinhua in Lagos, Chris Bode, ChiefMedical Director of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Air Max Soldes , saideach of these two patients sought medical attention very late anddied in spite of efforts to salvage them.

According to him, a resident doctor from the Department ofAnatomic and Molecular Pathology who took part in the autopsy waslater confirmed with the disease and is currently on admission andresponding well to treatment at the Isolation Ward of LUTH.

He enjoined all hospital workers to maintain a heightened levelof alert in the wake of this new outbreak and observe universalprecautions in handling all suspected cases of this viralhemorrhagic fever.

The medical chief added that Lagos State Ministry of Health andthe Federal Ministry of Health have responded swiftly to containthis present Lassa fever outbreak by mobilizing human and materialresources to trace the sources and extent of the disease, follow upon potential contacts, identify early and test suspected cases.

He said there are adequate materials for containment of thedisease while drugs have been made available to treat anyoneconfirmed with the disease.

The doctor added that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) inNigeria has also been contacted.

Two other suspected cases from Lagos state are also presentlyadmitted and quarantined while undergoing confirmatory laboratorytests, he added.

Lassa fever is an acute febrile illness, with bleeding and deathin severe cases Nike Air Max Plus Soldes , caused by the Lassa fever virus with an incubationperiod of 6-21 days.

The virus, a member of the virus family Arenaviridae, iszoonotic, or animal-borne. About 80 percent of human infections arewithout symptoms; the remaining cases have severe multiple organdisease, where the virus affects several organs in the body, suchas the liver Nike Air Max 270 Soldes , spleen and kidneys.

Lassa fever is a significant cause of severe illness and death.Enditem

KIEV, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Former Georgian President and ex-governor of Ukraine's Odessa region, Mikheil Saakashvili, who lost his Ukrainian citizenship last month, may enter the East European country only after receiving a visa, Ukraine's senior prosecutor said on Friday.

"Any actions involving ... an illegal border crossing give absolute legal grounds for bringing him to administrative sanctions Nike Air Max TN Soldes ," Deputy Prosecutor General Eugene Enin wrote on Facebook.

On July 26, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko revoked Saakashvili's Ukrainian citizenship over allegedly submitting false information while applying for a passport.

Saakashvili, 49, who served as Georgian president from 2008 to 2013, was granted Ukrainian citizenship in May 2015 and was appointed as governor of Ukraine's southern Odessa region.

The politician, who has been abroad since mid-July Nike Air Max 90 Soldes , refused to accept the loss of his Ukrainian citizenship, saying that he would fight for the right to return to Ukraine.

In November 2016, Saakashvili resigned as Odessa's regional head citing alleged corruption in Ukraine's governing bodies. Three months later, he formally established a new political party under his leadership in Ukraine.

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Picture released on Aug. 23, 2016 by lunar probe and space project center of Chinese State Adiministration of Science Nike Air Max 97 Soldes , Technology and Industry for National Defence shows the concept portraying what the Mars rover and lander would look like. Image of China's Mars probe was also released Tuesday. (Photo: Xinhua)

China unveiled the designs for the country's first Mars probe and rover on Tuesday, and issued an invitation globally for suggestions about the name and logo of the mission.

Zhang Rongqiao, chief designer for the first Mars mission, said the effort will face daunting challenges in its plans to orbit, land and deploy a rover on the red planet, all in one mission. The probe is expected to reach Mars in 2021 after a journey of about seven months.

The design shows that the orbiter Nike Air Max 95 Soldes , which will be carried by China's new-generation Long March-5 heavy-lift rocket, has three panels on each side. The lander will descend toward the surface of Mars with four landing legs extending from the sides, as can be seen in the artist's rendering.

In another illustration, the rover is depicted moving from the lander to the surface of the planet along two conveyor belts. After reaching the surface, the rover will open four irregular-shaped panels.

Liu Jizhong, director of the lunar exploration program and the space engineering center Nike Air Max Soldes France , said the call for naming and design ideas is meant to promote awareness of the Mars mission and encourage youth to be interested in science.

The works submitted need to comply with China's trademark laws and be creative, unique and expandable. They also need to fit with Chinese culture, social customs and ethics. A panel of space experts, designers and cultural celebrities will help evaluate the submissions.

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