The 2015 NFL season was unlike most in recent memory.With many thrilling finishes … ple-jersey , surprise teams, silly play-calls, and the annual officiating controversy issues, we had ourselves some of the most entertaining NFL games in recent memory.There were highlight-real catches, amazing comebacks … len-jersey , clutch performances, and everything a football fan could ask for.In all honesty, I feel like my jaw dropped more this season than any other I had seen in NFL history. There were so many upsets and shocking endings to NFL regular season games.The playoffs haven't even started yet, and we were incredibly lucky to be hyped up for them thanks to a bunch of entertaining games.Of course, it was another year (just like 2014) … son-jersey , where many hyped-up and primetime games turned out to be absolute blowouts.Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football often didn't live up to the hype, but Monday Night Football was actually better than most years. (Personal opinion)But those aren't the only games on the schedule. We were fortunate to have some very good morning and afternoon games that weren't aired in primetime. Most games on this list were ones we didn't even expect to be all of that exciting.Well, the regular season has ended and now we look forward to the playoffs. It's always important to remember that the playoff teams don't get into the big dance without great regular season games.Let's get at it now, shall we?Here are the top 20 2015 NFL regular season games. Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers and catcher Robinson Chirinos of the Texas Rangers have been ejected in the third inning after a home plate collision that led to a benches-clearing confrontation between the teams.

With two outs, Enrique Hernandez singled to right and Kemp tried score from second Wednesday night. Chirinos caught a pinpoint throw by Nomar Mazara and had his glove out to tag Kemp. Kemp barreled into Chirinos with his arms up … row-jersey , leading with his shoulder. Chirinos’ helmet flew off as he got knocked over and Kemp fell, too.

Chirinos and Kemp jostled as they got up. That led to both benches and bullpens clearing and forming a scrum at the plate. Kemp was restrained by Rangers starter Cole Hamels.

No punches were thrown. The umpires convened during the half inning and ejected both Kemp and Chirinos.

Rules have been put in place to outlaw runners from plowing into catchers, and catchers have to give runners a lane to the plate in most cases. In this play, the throw home took Chirinos directly into Kemp’s path home.