The NFL offseason always seems like it lasts an eternity. Next thing you know … son-jersey , in a blink of an eye, 12 weeks of football have already been played and the NFL playoffs are creeping up quickly. Dominant teams will fight for first round byes, middle of the pack teams will battle it out for wild card spots and the bottom-dwellers will 'compete' for higher draft positioning. For teams like the Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans Justin Layne Jersey , who will be watching the postseason from their couches, it might be time to find a new coach to turn things around next season.Every year, there are coaches on the hot seat who wait nervously on Black Monday as they nervously await a call they hope not to receive. This infamous day always leads to some obvious firings and some not so obvious ones that send shockwaves throughout the NFL. Every year, there are coordinators, position coaches, and even college head coaches who become the apples of the eyes of many NFL GMs. Some work out … jr.-jersey , some don’t, but the coaching carousel that ensues after Black Monday is always fun to watch. We still have six weeks to go until the madness begins but for now, here’s a list of potential future head coaches in the NFL for the 2015 season: The NFL schedule is not merely thrown together. While its unveiling is simple, few realize the amount of work that one man puts into the process.NFL scheduling specialist Howard Katz wants you to watch only the most interesting games. To ensure that happens, he must consider a number of potential pitfalls that could upset fans, teams Zach Gentry Jersey , and networks. His main goal is to at least minimize the problems into manageable situations.This article reveals what may be some of the best NFL games this season. Does that sound like a lack of confidence on my part? After all, I could rephrase that sentence to read, "This article reveals what will be the best NFL games this season." However, Katz would agree with the former thought. You never know exactly how certain games will play out. For example, in 2011, Katz scheduled Peyton Manning and Drew Brees to play on Sunday night. It would mark the first time the NFL faced off against the World Series in prime time on a Sunday night. He was certain the game would be an instant classic Joey Bosa Jersey , but it turned out just the opposite. Manning was sidelined and the Colts were winless. New Orleans went on to crush Indianapolis 62-7.So, does that mean you should just skip this article because of the uncertainty surrounding the games? Hell no! If anything, uncertainty drives curiosity and that is why we are all here.As a quick note: All games below that include just the time are on Sundays. All Thursday games are played at night.