Many people visit Kanyakumari to see the Kanyakumari Temple by the seashore. The town is located in Tamil Nadu and is a popular tourist destination. Seeing the deity , Goddess Parvati, and waves breaking gently at your feet at the seashore is worth the trip to Kanyakumari.

There are ample hotels in the town that you can choose from. There are a lot of three-star hotels available in and around the city. Hotel Sea View is one of the sought after three-star Kanyakumari Hotels in town. It is located one kilometer away from the railway station. It offers views of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue.

Hotel Sea View has luxuriously furnished and elegant, clean, and well-planned 56 rooms and suites. The décor and facilities provided offer personal touch, which gives a homely feeling. The rooms basically can be categorized into five types: Deluxe Sea View , Corner Deluxe Sea View, Executive, Twin and Standard rooms.

The rooms feature spectacular views of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean as well as the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue. The sunrise can be viewed from your bed. The spacious rooms will have a working area , decorated with wooden furnishings. The spacious, marble bathrooms have deep soaking tub or separate walk-in shower with all necessary bathroom amenities. The executive suite includes a living area for maximum productivity. Twin Room features two rooms interconnected, specially designed for the two families who wish to stay together. On the other side, you can view the beauty of the main city.

The hotel includes the Sea View Restaurant which is an exclusive multi-cuisine restaurant that serves delicious Continental, Chinese and Indian recipes; The Pearl - an open-air eatery , serving tasty dishes coupled with an exotic view; and the Wave Bar – well stocked with the choicest of beverages.

A special occasion in your life can be made more eventful with the Hotel Sea View convention Hall, state-of-the-art facilities, and an attentive, professional staff. Sea View Evergreen Conference Hall accommodates 200 people. These venues are excellent for business meetings, conferences or small get-togethers. A 20 seated mini-conference hall is also available. There is also an Evergreen Hall which is used for wedding banquet or some special occasions.

The additional services available in this hotel are TV , doctor on demand, convention center, direct dialing STDISD facility, free room service, hot and cold running water , restaurant, and bar facility. Hotel Sea View is well known in Kanyakumari for providing flawless service and providing a homely atmosphere to the guests; giving an apt meaning to the idiom “home away from home.”

Relationship coaches tell us that Jealousy is related to two emotions--fear and anger. Fear of losing what we have and anger at whoever seems to be threatening to take it from us. In a society such as ours where the opportunity for cheating is ever present, it is jealous behavior which is the biggest threat to our relationships.

Every emotion that we have is connected to a reason. For example, we feel sad when we lose something that is important to us; we feel angry when we want someone to do something and they are not doing it. We feel jealous when we believe that a significant relationship is being threatened by a rival.

The purpose of jealous feelings is to prompt us to take action which reduces or eliminates that threat. Just as it would be extremely counterproductive to hit our boss when we are angry, or smash our computer when we are frustrated Cheap Washington Redskins Jersey , so it also very damaging to try to forcibly control our partner or violently confront whoever we are jealous of.

While many people realize that they must not take such violent and coercive action, they have few skills for managing their feelings. The result is that they suppress their feelings. The jealousy still shows, the stress still grows, and their relationships are impacted never the less. The emotion must be positively dealt with or it will grow and spread like weeds on the front lawn. It won't be long before our neighbors can see it too.

To effectively deal with jealousy, we must adopt a mindset which prevents jealousy from happening in the first place. As you read the following statements Cheap Tennessee Titans Jersey , write on a piece of paper any that you find difficult. These will be the ones you will need to work on with your relationship coach or counselor to reduce your jealousy.


*My partner is not my property.

*Someone could not steal me from himher without my agreeing to it. So too, someone cannot steal himher from me without himher agreeing to it.

*HeShe is an intelligent adult who has the capacity to make hisher own decisions about relationships.

*Just as I could leave himher, so could heshe leave me.


*My partner is attractive to me. It is natural that other people will feel attracted to himher as well.

*I don't need to try to stop them from being attracted to himher.

*My partner goes to great lengths to be attractive to me, to himselfherself, and for others. It would be strange if people were not attracted to himher.


*Before my partner had a relationship with me Cheap Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey , heshe had the same opportunity to be with other womenmen as she does now. HeShe decided to choose me and continues to do so each day.

*My partner chose me because heshe believed me to be a better partner for himher than other womenmen.

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