We all know that it is important to stretch before exercise Cheap Marc-Andre Fleury Shirt , but perhaps the most essential stretch that you should be doing is a proper hamstring stretch. It will help keep your lower body flexible, prevent injury and reduce lower back pain.

You can very easily injure your hamstrings, as strains and tears are extremely prevalent in most athletes. Sprinters and the like can also experience these injuries when they have to put in quick bursts of energy.
However, with a proper stretching regiment you can dramatically reduce the chances of injuring your hamstrings.

The following outlines some exercises that can come in handy when you work out.
Basic Stretch
While sitting on the floor Cheap James Neal Shirt , place both legs straight out. Extend your arms straight out and reach forward, while bending at the waist. Maintain constant movement, sliding your hands down your legs as you keep up the movement.
Be sure to have straight knees as you do this. Reach to the point where you start to strain, then hold that pose for 10 seconds Cheap Alex Tuch Jersey , releasing soon after. You should do this stretch three times.
Seated HamstringGroin Stretch
Begin this exercise sitting upright with your legs both outstretched in front of you. You knee should be flexed until your right foot is resting along the inner part of your left thigh, keeping your right knee close to the floor. While maintaining an extended spine and lowering your shoulders, you reach forward to grab your left foot, which should still be extended.
Try to lean forward as much as you can and the reach even further by relaxing your spine before pausing to hold this stretching position. Your extended leg should experience a good stretch Cheap Nate Schmidt Jersey , as well as your flexed leg’s rear and inner thigh. Breathe easy while doing this stretch and repeat again with the other leg.
Variations on Lying Hamstring Stretch
Lie flat on the floor with your knees flexed to approximately ninety degrees. Hold your left leg up, taking your hands, and holding your leg behind the thigh. Following this, bring your leg up to your chest Cheap Jonathan Marchessault Jersey , maintaining a straight other leg as you do so. The thigh that is flexed should undergo a tremendous stretch. Repeat with the other leg. Breathe easily throughout. If this exercise is too easy for you, a good idea is to move back to the original start position and before you ease the raised leg to your chest, straighten it instead.
Once more, your raised thigh should stretch appropriately; however Cheap Brad Hunt Jersey , unlike before, where just the top of the thigh felt the burn, your whole thigh should get a good workout, and you will feel the stretch within it the whole time. Remember to keep your back as flat as possible on the floor during both variations. Repeat with the other leg. Breathe easily throughout the movement.

The above positions can be varied to allow you to get more out of your stretches. You can just shift how the lower leg is positioned in order to switch up the lying hamstring stretch. Simply by twisting it in over your chest. Ease the leg into position Cheap William Karlsson Jersey , taking care not to pull on it forcefully to get it where it needs to be.
Sit on the floor with your right leg straight. Take your left leg and bend the knee to the side, placing the bottom side of your left food against the inner right thigh area. The toes of your right foot must point right up. Using your hands, move down your leg, bending at the hips to achieve this exercise. Feel the stretch in your right hamstrings. Again Cheap David Perron Jersey , make sure to switch legs and repeat.
Trick – Get every part of that hamstring stretched by making your toes point a different direction east time you lean forward.
The Hamstring Chair Stretch
Use a chair or any other type of sturdy object that is knee-high and place your right foot on the edge. Your left foot should be kept firmly on the floor. Your right knee should be slightly bent. Lean forward from your hips (keeping your back straight). Feel the stretch in your right hamstrings. Repeat by switching legs.

There are many forms of hamstring stretches that can be performed. By working these proper hamstring stretches into your daily workout out routine you will not only become more flexible, but prevent injury and reduce lower back pain.

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