Guide to Safer Sex Tips and Methods to Prevent From HIV and STD Health Articles | November 21 Cheap Mattias Janmark Jersey , 2010
HIV and STD are one of the most serious dangers, not to mention the fact that there are many women who want to avoid pregnancy. First step is to get informed properly about what safe sex means.

There are many people who don't see the point of having safe sex and they argue that it takes away the pleasure of making love. They are deeply wrong because unsafe sex, especially with unstable partners can pose a lot of threats to one?s health. HIV and sexual transmitted diseases are one of the most serious dangers, not to mention the fact that there are many women who want to avoid pregnancy. Staying healthy and making sure you don?t conceive babies can only be done by adopting and putting in practice tips and methods for safe sex. The first step is to get informed about what safe sex means and about how to stay away from different threats. You need to do this regardless of the fact that you are a man or a woman because safe sex is the responsibility of both partners. It is not at all enough to know what you are supposed to do for protecting yourself of HIV, STDs and an unwanted pregnancy; you also have to put that information into practice.

In order to be able to enjoy safer sex Cheap Radek Faksa Jersey , you have to know the cases in which viruses and diseases are transmitted. Many believe that oral sex is safer and it can?t infect someone with HIV. Things are different because especially if you have sores or open in juries in your mouth, you are very likely to get HIV from an infected partner by practicing oral sex. Unprotected anal sex can also spread the virus and other infections.?

Dental dam is a way of practicing safer sex because it keeps you away from all the infections and virus that can be transmitted through oral stimulation or sex. It is made of latex and it can easily be found in drugstores. Condoms are also one of the safest protective methods. The most efficient ones are made of latex. When using condoms for safer sex, you have to pay great attention to wearing them correctly because otherwise they might not offer any protection at all. It is never safe to use the same condom for practicing both vaginal and oral or anal sex. Lubricants are recommended to be used because they prevent condoms for breaking. Other contraceptive methods, like the pills or the diaphragm are indeed protecting the woman against unwanted pregnancy, but they leave the partners exposed to both HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases.

I love dogs. My partner loves dogs. My kids love dogs. Trouble is Cheap John Klingberg Jersey , dogs don't love my kids ? at least not when it comes to allergies. So if you've set your heart on getting a dog, but you or your family have allergy problems is there anything you can do about it?

Well, you can start by looking at breeds that are supposedly better for allergy sufferers. Wheaten Terriers, Beagles, Portuguese Water Dogs are some of the most popular. Or the new ?hybrid? breeds ? Labradoodles Cheap Dan Hamhuis Jersey , Spoodles and the like.

The problem is that even then, nothing is guaranteed. We went as far as going to a rescue centre, carefully choosing the right kind of dog after several visits, starting to sign on the dotted line, when suddenly our elder daughter began reacting. She became itchy Cheap Tyler Seguin Jersey , her face swelled up ? and there were of course buckets of tears when we realised that we couldn't take the dog after all.

The thing is, it's not just a dog's coat that's the problem. It's also the saliva. So you have to worry about a dog licking you as well as stroking it. No displays of affection, in other words. Which rather negates a lot of the point of getting a dog in the first place.

So is all lost when it comes to dogs? Not necessarily. We had both our girls tested for allergies and both were confirmed as allergic to dogs. But these things can change over time. People can both develop and lose allergies over time, seemingly for no rhyme or reason. Ditto asthma and eczema - they're all related.

I had asthma as a kid, but none now. I never had eczema as a child Cheap Jamie Benn Jersey , but in my late twenties and thirties I got it quite badly. Now, in my early forties, I no longer suffer from it. My elder daughter used to have a latex allergy. Not now. She now swells up if she eats chicken. She never used to. My partner had bad hay fever all her life ? until a couple of years ago. And so on.

It can be the same with pet allergies. If you're not sure, get you or your family tested. Then try testing again in a few years time. There are also things you can do to lessen the impact of allergies, such as washing the dog frequently. But that's only worthwhile if the dog is already there ? it's not a great idea to introduce a new dog to an allergic household on that basis. Besides Cheap Dallas Stars Hats , the dog is unlikely to be too keen on being bathed. And however often you clean or groom it, there's no such thing as an allergen free dog.

Incidentally, both our kids came out in the tests as allergic to cats. This we already knew about, and was less of an issue, as we'd all prefer to get a dog. Cat allergies tend to be more common Cheap Dallas Stars Hoodies , and often more severe as well. And also, many experts say, less likely to go away over time. So bad luck if cats are your bag ? it's not a good idea to introduce a cat to a home with allergic kids.

While we're hoping our kids? dog allergies will improve over time, we still wanted to get a pet. But practically all pets can set off allergies ? rabbits, guinea pigs Cheap Dallas Stars Shirts , mice, all of them. So always expose all members of your household to them before taking them home, just in case. Snakes and lizards are ok ? but plenty of people aren't too happy with the concept of a snake or lizard in the house.

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