In 2011 Riley Ridley Jersey , the Arizona Cardinals signed their most valuable asset, and a future Hall of Famer, Larry Fitzgerald, to a NFL record breaking $113 million dollar contract. At the time, it was the highest contract value ever signed. But that did not last very long. The Detroit Lions broke that record in 2012 when they gave Calvin Johnson Greedy Williams Jersey , now retired, $113.45 million ($450,000 above the record breaking contract signed in 2011). Little did the NFL know at the time that what was happening was something that would soon get out of control.Contracts were beginning to get bigger and bigger, year after year. Joe Flacco signed with Baltimore for $120.6 million in 2013, Jay Cutler signed with the Chicago Bears for $126.7 million in 2014 Sione Takitaki Jersey , Andrew Luck signed for $122.97 million to stay in Indianapolis for the in 2016. Then, last summer, the Detroit Lions signed Matthew Stafford for an incredible $135 million only to be beaten by the San Francisco 49ers this past month when they signed Jimmy Garoppolo to $137.5 million. The money being spent on franchise players is continuing to climb and, at this rate, players could end up with $500 million contracts in seven to ten years. This kind of dough allows these men to buy pretty much whatever they want Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , whenever they want.Because of all that cash, NFL stars end up buying cars by the dozens. These cars can value anywhere between $90,000 to $2.2 million. It all depends on the player. But not all of the players like to spend their money on vehicles. A few players tend to be cheaper than others when it comes to cars. Let's take a look at the NFL stars that drive expensive cars and the five that drive beaters. When the Giants traded for Jabrill Peppers this offseason, the general reaction was that they were making a move to replace Landon Collins at safety in their secondary.Peppers wasn’t just a defensive player in college or with Cleveland, however. He played both ways and returned kicks at Michigan and kept up the special teams work with the Browns.Peppers started every game for the Browns on defense while serving as their primary kickoff and punt returner Austin Seibert Jersey , but played just under 65 percent of the defensive snaps. The Giants kept their starting safeties on the field pretty much every snap when healthy and special teams coach Thomas McGaughey said he has “no reservation” about keeping Peppers as a returner even if he’s playing more on defense.“The guy is a for-sure ball-handler,” said McGaughey, via  “Can make all the cuts full speed. He just brings juice.”Peppers may get a break on some or most kickoffs as Corey Coleman averaged 26 yards per return for the Giants last year, but it sounds like he’ll be continuing to be a factor as a returner in his first year with the Giants.