The NFL has a hard salary cap … eke-jersey , which means ever dollar spent on one player is a dollar that can’t be spent on another player. The Seahawks think things are reaching the point when there won’t be enough dollars to spread around.Specifically, with defensive end Frank Clark currently unsigned on the franchise tag, and linebacker Bobby Wagner and defensive tackle Jarran Reed heading into the final seasons of their contracts, General Manager John Schneider says it won’t be easy to keep them all.Schneider called it “feasible Khari Willis Jersey ,” but “very challenging” to keep all three of Clark, Wagner and Reed beyond 2019.The Seahawks are looking to trade Clark, and Schneider’s comments point to the reason for that: Realistically, if they sign Clark to the kind of long-term contract he’s looking for Josh Allen Jersey , days after signing Russell Wilson to the biggest contract in NFL history, there’s not going to be a lot of cap space left for the other players the Seahawks want to keep.Right now the Seahawks are saying they won’t trade Clark unless they get at least a first-round draft pick for him. But realistically, they might need to trade him for whatever they can get. Or else keeping Clark is going to mean losing Wagner or Reed next year. The Titans handed the Patriots an emphatic beating on Sunday in a 34-10 victory that led linebacker Rashaan Evans to say that the team “took it to the next level.”It’s the Titans’ second win over a team from last year’s Super Bowl and one of Evans’ defensive teammates wants to be sure that the team stays on that level this time. Safety Kevin Byard pointed to what happened after the Titans beat the Eagles to move to 3-1 in late September as a cautionary tale for the team.“A win like this, it says we are on the playoff hunt … lor-jersey ,” Byard said, via the team’s website. “It just shows that when we play our ball and do what we need to do, and focus on us and nobody else, we can beat anybody in the NFL. But the last time we started feeling ourselves Josh Oliver Jersey , we lost three straight games. So we can’t get caught up in the excitement. Every week it’s a different challenge.”The Titans went from 3-1 to 3-4 after that win over the Eagles and scored just 31 points over the course of those three games. A similar letdown against the Colts and Texans the next two weeks would deal a heavy blow to Tennessee’s chances of returning to the playoffs this season.