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In the past three ?Enchantress Series? articles Cheap Terrance Ferguson Shirt , we've been focusing on getting rid of the things that don't work in our lives. Now that we've gone through our belongings, gone through our hearts, and gone over our bodies Cheap Andre Roberson Shirt , it's time to start filling our lives with the things that we truly want. This article is going to begin formulating our plan for making our dreams come true.

Before we get started, I want to talk about change. There are always risks involved with change and that can get scary. Growing pains are to be expected along the way as well. You also might have to deal with other people's bad reactions to your positive changes. Be prepared for these things. Stay Strong! Take some deep breaths; take breaks, but Never Cheap Kyle Singler Shirt , Ever, Give Up! This is your life in your hands.

I want you to have a serious meeting with yourself. Find some alone time and reflect on the following questions:

? What kind of a person do you want to be?
? What characteristics appeal to you the most?
? What is the way you wish to respond and react to life?
? What are the truly important values that you stand for?
? How do you represent yourself to the world?

Here is an example that might help get you started:

I want to be the type of person that always has love in her heart that can easily keep focus on the bright side of every situation with a sense of humor and dignity. When problems arise, I want to handle them with grace and patience Cheap Steven Adams Shirt , without fear or anxiety. I want to remember my connection to my higher source at all times and to feel ownership of my life and the world I am creating for me.

Remember to keep this message to yourself personal. It's about you and what you feel happy about, not anybody else. The person you are has a huge impact on the life you will have. So whatever you want of yourself, write it down. It doesn't matter if you think it's possible or not Cheap Jerami Grant Shirt , and absolutely no excuses are allowed! Just write what you feel in your heart.

Now that you have your message to yourself, it's time to find ways to make your ?Dream Self? come to life! For each thing you wrote about, determine three ways you can make sure you attain that personal goal.

Here is an example:

I am going to help myself focus on the bright side of life with these affirmations and actions:

1. Adding three new items to my gratitude list every day.
2. Replace complaining with positive requests.
3. View Problems as opportunities for better things to come.

When you have the affirmations or action items you need to help you reach your ?Dream Self? goals Cheap Raymond Felton Shirt , put a plan in action. Post signs, reminders, and pictures around your house and personal space to help you stay focused. If you can Cheap Kevin Durant Shirt , work with a friend that has his or her own goals so you have someone to check in with and be accountable to. Work on one goal at a time with its three action items. Working on one at a time will help keep you focused.

Set mini-goals and give yourself treats for completing them. For myself, if I add three things every day to my gratitude list for one week straight, then I'll be taking myself out for ice cream. See how much fun that can be? It's important to have fun to keep yourself interested and encouraged.

As the new habits you are creating start to solidify within yourself Cheap Gary Payton Shirt , you won't have to be as diligent about them. Give yourself at least six weeks to work on every goal though. After that amount of time, it should be a pretty well ingrained part of you and you won't have to be so focused on it. Then you can work on other goals or just relax and enjoy the Enchantress you are well on your way to becoming!

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