General Motors has announced that it will shut down Hummer production lines by the end of August Will Sutton Sun Devils Jersey , not only can not enter the Chinese market to the new goods, the Americans finally and say goodbye to the Hummer. This really is Hummer's Masterpiece it?

In the current climate change, high oil prices and the backdrop of economic crisis, Americans are abandoning the Hummer can not abandon the Hummer mentality far, so one day, Hummer comeback, but also knowing.

This may be necessary to culture and from the American Hummer vehicles start with the complex.

Kingdom as a car, Americans like cars, can not do without cars Pat Tillman Sun Devils Jersey , but the American car, almost not really green car. Body large, strong power, fuel consumption and more, has the characteristics of the U.S. vehicles, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, which the Big Three U.S. automakers have to produce energy-intensive off-road vehicles Matthew Bazarevitsch Sun Devils Jersey , trucks known for. Thus, the development to the extreme, there is a conversion with the Hummer.

Play an active role in the Gulf War as the "king of off-road," Hummer's off-road performance of a full grade higher. The vehicle owners are naturally more open unassuming, and more sense of pride. This is also the popular Hummer owners and some of China's coal source upstart welcome. But this is clearly not consistent with the trend, with the advent of high oil prices, public opinion shifted, assertive Hummer in the United States almost a "non-green" synonymous. "Washington Post" said: any of the models will have critics, but it is difficult to imagine the same kind of models like the Hummer was so much er for Automotive Research Chairman David Cole also emotion Khaylan Thomas Sun Devils Jersey , Hummer has become a symbol of the automotive industry all bad, is also targeted by environmentalists.

As one of the most extreme performance, a few years ago, in Washington state, a Hummer would be smashed in the masters house, the car also left "for the environment," the eye-catching scratches. "Wave of anti-Hummer" the end result is that Hummer sales plummeted, many people prefer to buy fuel-efficient point of the Porsche, Hummer do not want to touch this old cowboy auto market.

Hummer became the general negative equity Isaiah Floyd Sun Devils Jersey , bankruptcy and reorganization in general, when their own needs, get rid of Hummer is naturally a matter of course. "Wall Street Journal", believes that GM Hummer brand impact, and the Hummer clean break, will benefit the general shape "a new, more positive brand image", will also help GM to develop new energy-efficient cars and Toyota, etc. compete. Prior to China's Tang in the bid for the Hummer Frank Darby Sun Devils Jersey , for example, "Washington Post" the subject is: "Hummer's new home: China, uncontrolled New World."

Mainland China is not unrestrained, Teng in the acquisition of Hummer in the voices of opposition, prompting the Chinese government is clearly cases.

But there are still manufacturers like Proton in daring attack, at least show that the Hummer mentality is still widespread in the world, the Chinese case, especially the United States.

People often go to Europe and the United States may have a very interesting finding: in Europe, the streets are rampant in the small hatchback car Casey Tucker Sun Devils Jersey , sometimes 10 cars in the street may not see a sedan; But in the United States, may on the contrary, 10 vehicles in the street, box car is rare. Although energy-saving vehicles in the United States is in the ascendant, and the Government's encouragement, but selling energy-saving vehicles are also a large body, strong power and less fuel-efficient sedans. Although Obama Government efforts to reduce automobile fuel consumption, but the United States this cart Complex, Hummer mentality A.J. Carter Sun Devils Jersey , while filling the position the United States there is no doubt the world's most expensive and top energy state.

Hummer mentality of the American public's hard to change, the Chinese people so is not the mentality of the Hummer? The above-mentioned small number of enthusiastic Hummer of the rich and powerful do not need to mention, in today's Beijing, Shanghai, as well as many cities, even blocking the road again, hard to find parking again, Alice is still two saloon occupied the leading role A small number of international car makers to meet the demand of pursuing the style, specially designed for the China market Ty Thomas College Jersey , "extended section." Among these, both the absence of government policy guidance, there are some people obsessed with big cars Complex.

Sichuan Teng in bid Hummer eventually become a farce, but realistically speaking, Teng in the original dare shot bid, there is still a little market perspective, it may not not be earned on the pours, especially in the booming Chinese car market, but this does not meet the national industrial development policy before anything it.
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