Recently there has been a trend for businesses to use conference call services instead of requiring employees or associates to travel. While excessive costs are a valid concern to prohibit unnecessary traveling Jeff Carter Canada Jersey , executives and managers scheduling a meeting at headquarters often encounter many other obstacles when hosting a meeting among staff.

With the growing popularity of telecommuting, it is not unusual for employees to participate in an 800 conference call while working from home. Though convenient and cost efficient to participate in virtual meetings from home, there are many more distractions to combat. Fortunately, identifying the distractions and knowing how to eliminate them improves the teleconference environment for everyone attending.

Eliminate Background Noises

Background noise is perhaps the most annoying obstacle to overcome while on a phone meeting; whether its dogs barking, babies crying Jean Beliveau Canada Jersey , children playing, radio or T.V. blaring, or even noisy traffic outside, the distractions tend to interrupt the entire agenda of a teleconference call. Perhaps the most common annoyance is another phone ringing in the background. Therefore, it鈥檚 essential to dial-in to the call from a quiet location if possible and turn off any other nearby phones. It鈥檚 also common for hosts to suggest participants to put their phones on mute until they want to join in the discussion or askanswer a question.

Appropriate Scheduling

Depending on the locations of call participants Jay Bouwmeester Canada Jersey , it is often difficult to schedule a time for an 800 conference call that works for everybody, especially when different time zones are factored into the planning. Though chances are the set time and date will not be optimal for each participant expected to attend, opting for a day and time that accommodates the majority works just as well. Regardless of the set time, it is important to arrive at least five to ten minutes early to make sure the equipment is working and there aren鈥檛 any technical difficulties. It is also a good idea to dial-in early to ensure the proper connection of conference call services.

Phone Etiquette

Proper etiquette and good manners should apply to an 800 conference call. It is important for participants to speak clearly in addition to identifying themselves before speaking. Always allow the person speaking to finish his or her thought before interrupting. Unless you are the host of the call, do not take up excessive amounts of time. The purpose of a call meeting is to give everyone attending the same amount of time to share ideas or ask questions.

General Housekeeping

Though it is not necessary to record calls Jamie Benn Canada Jersey , it might be a good idea to use to provide a transcript for those who were unable to attend. Sending out an agenda a day or two before the meeting by phone is also recommended. Finally, end the call by recapping the major topics discussed.

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