Learn What Your Dentist May Not be Able to do for You Health Articles | December 6 Ronnie Harrison Hoodie , 2011
You may be surprised to learn that some procedures cannot be properly performed by the average dentist. Find out which treatment types may require a specialist.

If you are about to choose a dentist in your city, you should consider the procedure you need done before you make a decision. This is because you might be surprised that not all dentists can perform even some of the most common treatment types. While some offices compensate for this by ensuring they have the right specialists in place, others have to refer you elsewhere. Find out some common procedures that you may be surprised that your dentist might not do.

If your wisdom teeth are bothering you, it makes sense to head to a dental office in your city. But you might be surprised to find that even if the practitioner decides that the teeth need to be taken out, he or she cannot just do it. This can be disappointing when you are in constant pain and just want the teeth gone, which is why it is helpful to find an office that can actually perform the treatment either the same day you go in Telvin Smith Hoodie , or just days later. Some practitioners can take them out if the procedure would be a simple extraction, especially if you only have one tooth that needs to be removed. However, for most patients, it is considered surgical removal, especially when the tooth has not come through the surface yet. This is called soft tissue removal, and usually requires the skills that not every dental practitioner has Blake Bortles Hoodie , which is why you may be sent to an oral surgeon instead.

If your practitioner suspects that you need a root canal, you will probably not get it done at your average dental office. This is because most dentists are not comfortable enough with this procedure to do it correctly, so they might refer you to an endodontist. Not surprisingly, this means you usually have to wait to get it done, especially if you need to have an initial consultation with the endodontist first. So hopefully you are not in much pain when it comes to needing a root canal on a tooth, as you may have to wait days or even weeks to get it done.

An additional treatment type that usually requires a specialist is gum disease. The typical dentist knows a bit about this condition and can diagnose it A.J. Bouye Hoodie , but he or she might send you to a periodontist to get more information. This is especially true if you might need surgery to correct the issue, as not many dentists can do this. Therefore, you will probably need to wait for a referral from your regular practitioner.

While it is nice to have a specialist working on your teeth, it can be inconvenient to be sent to another office when you realize that your dentist cannot do the job. It is usually easier to get everything done in one place, including cleanings, fillings Myles Jack Hoodie , and any other treatment you might need. If you are hesitant to be sent to different offices to get the treatment you need, find a practitioner who can do it all, or at least employs several specialists in one building.

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