Anthem offers a range of challenges and quest to fulfill in the game which helps them to progress and head to new content in the title. One of such mission includes players to gather a unique Tony Gwynn Padres Jersey , rare metal namely Corium which can be used to craft the Shield of Dawn.

Corium is a very rare item to find in the game which can be obtained by killing the Titans in the Anthem title. In order to obtain the Corium, players will require to complete various missions which would help them in getting the Shield of Dawn.

The first and foremost step in order to obtain the Shield is to get the blueprint which players can avail from Sentinel Dax or Matthias. Both Dax and Matthias will provide players with different missions.

If the player chooses to get the blueprint from the Dax then they will have to complete three different missions, on the other hand, Matthias will ask players to complete the Triple Threat Mission featured in the Anthem demo.

Gamers who are looking for means to gather Corium can locate Titans in the Freeplay mode or complete the missions which feature these Titans Eric Hosmer Womens Jersey , as by killing Titans players can get the rare Corium.

Also one of the missions assigned by Dax features a Titan, so players can complete this mission and grab one of the three Corium. Moreover, players can also take part in the Triple Threat mission which allows players to duel against multiple Titans simultaneously and gives a golden opportunity to avail Corium.

Still, gamers should try and complete both the missions as it would assure them to grab on to all the three required Corium for crafting the Shield. Also Manny Machado Womens Jersey , many pro gamers suggest that opting for both the missions is the most viable option as the spawn rate of items in Apex is quite uncertain.

Moreover by completing both the missions players can also reduce the cost of the Shield of Dawn. Still, if you wish to spend less of your time and effort can spend some extra in-game currency and quickly unlock the Shield.

Players will have to spend hundred Chimeric Alloy, hundred Chimeric Compound, fifty Uncommon Ember and ten Rare Ember with the three Corium. But if players manage to complete both the tasks Wil Myers Womens Jersey , then they only have to spend one-tenth of the requirements mentioned above.

After collecting the three precious Corium players can then head to the forge and craft the Shield of Dawn for themselves. Although it seems to be a simple task, still players should keep in mind that dealing with Titans is not at all easy and requires some intense gaming skills to kill them.

Hopefully, now you have some basic idea of measures required to obtain the unique and precious Corium in the game, and it will take no time for you to unlock the Shield of Dawn for yourselves.

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