NANNING Cheap New Balance 574 , China, April 13 (Xinhua) -- The construction of training complex for the gymnastics world championship has been completed, the organizing committee announced Sunday.

The venue can be put into service in mid-April, which is ahead of schedule for half a month.

Together with the news center, sports hotel and outdoors engineering projects, the training complex is part of the auxiliary projects of the Guangxi Sports Center.

The complex will serve as training and warm-up venue for the athletes of the gymnastic worlds as well as the national championships.

The construction of the complex started from December 2012 New Balance 574 Shoes , and the roof atop the frame was sealed in August 2013. The gross floor area of the venue is 46,000 square meters, and the height is 23.7 meters.

The first floor of the complex consists of an exhibition hall and a fitness center, and the second floor is a venue for mass sports, which will be renovated as a stadium where people can play basketball, badminton and tennis.

The 45th World Gymnastics Championships will be held in Nanning this October New Balance 574 Red , the second time in China since the 1999 championships in Tianjin.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in Rock Hill, South Carolina January 8, 2016.

A Muslim advocacy group on Saturday called on Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump to apologize after a Muslim woman engaged in a silent protest was removed by security personnel and booed by the crowd at his rally in South Carolina on Friday night.

"The image of a Muslim woman being abused and ejected from a political rally sends a chilling message to American Muslims and to all those who value our nation's traditions of religious diversity and civic participation," said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican presidential hopeful New Balance 574 Yellow , said the crowd's response at Trump's rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina was inappropriate.

"We don't need to be shouting and booing and scaring somebody who decided to stand up and have some sort of silent protest," Kasich told reporters on the sidelines of a poverty summit in South Carolina on Saturday.

"What the heck is that about? We're not in high school. I mean, this is not some god-darn high school basketball game where we're booing the other team."

CNN reported that Rose Hamid, a 56-year-old flight attendant, stood up in the stands directly behind Trump when he suggested that Syrian refugees fleeing violence in their homeland were affiliated with Islamic State militants.

Hamid was wearing a white head scarf and a blue T-shirt emblazoned with the words New Balance 574 Blue , "Salam, I come in peace."

"Donald Trump should issue a public apology to the Muslim woman kicked out of his rally and make a clear statement that American Muslims are welcome as fellow citizens and as participants in the nation's political process," Awad said.

The incident was the latest controversy involving Trump regarding Muslims. Trump last month advocated banning all foreign Muslims from entering the United States "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." In November, he said he saw thousands of Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheering the Sept. 11 New Balance 574 Black , 2001, attacks on New York's World Trade Center. Fact-checkers have debunked this assertion.

At a rally on Saturday in Ottumwa, Iowa, Trump cited last month's San Bernardino, California massacre and the shooting of a Philadelphia police officer on Friday by a man who police said pledged allegiance to Islamic State as examples of Muslim anger toward Americans.

"The hatred is so incredible," Trump said. "And the danger New Balance 574 Sale , when we have people willing to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center and many other things, we've got to solve it."

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 16 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's Federal Police said Sunday they charged 63 people for taking part in a corruption scheme that sold expired or adulterated meat.

The scandal led at least 25 countries to temporarily suspend imports of Brazilian meat.

Among the charges are falsifying medical records and certificates, tampering with food products, conspiracy and corruption.

In March, the police launched a wide-ranging investigation New Balance 574 Sport , dubbed "Operation Weak Flesh," against illegal practices at meatpacking plants.

The operation dismantled groups that allegedly bribed inspectors to overlook altered expiry dates, water-injected meat as well as other unsanitary practices.

A total of 21 meatpacking plants were involved in the scheme, including multinationals BRF and JBS, two of the world's largest meat producers and exporters.

Brazil is the world's largest exporter of beef and poultry, and the fourth largest exporter of pork.

The scandal is estimated to cost Brazil's export market some 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in lost annual revenue.

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 24 (Xinhua) -- Stanford University researchers have built on Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov's job more than 100 years ago to observe how large groups of neurons in the brain both learn and unlearn a new association.

In the decades following the work by Pavlov and his famous salivating dogs, scientists have discovered ho.