By Bedah Mengo

NAIROBI Nike Air Force 1 Grey , Aug. 28 (Xinhua) -- They have heard about it and know it is a good thing, but social media remains a mystery yet to be unravelled by many youths in rural Kenya.

As their counterparts in cities like Nairobi and Mombasa "tweet" and "like" on Twitter and Facebook respectively, the youths in rural Kenya can only imagine what all this is about.

"I have heard of Facebook, but not the other one, but I do not know what it is about," said John Ouma, who works as a motorbike transport operator in Busia Nike Air Force 1 White , on the border of Kenya and Uganda.

Ouma said he heard about Facebook on radio while listening to his favorite programs.

"The presenters usually tell listeners to contact them on Facebook. I have never understood what that means. In my mind, I usually think Facebook is a special mobile phone, which one can use to call," he explained.

Ouma, as many other people in rural Kenya, usually calls to interact with the radio presenters.

"They give us phone numbers, together with Facebook. Since I do not have Facebook Nike Air Force 1 Black , I usually call them. I call them even five times a day to send my shout-outs," said Ouma.

Interestingly, Ouma has a smart phone, which he uses to access the internet regularly.

"My cousin who lives in Kisumu bought it for me at 45 US dollars. It is nice because it has a camera and I have saved my music inside."

More amusing, the ardent soccer fan usually checks analysis of English Premier League on the internet.

"It is the reason I bought the mobile phone. My cousin showed me how to access football information and I check it every day. I get to know what is happening in the football world, including our local league," he said.

The 21-year-old Nike Air Force 1 Red , however, got excited when informed that he can save a lot of money if he contacts radio stations on Facebook.

"If it will make save money, then I can use it, but will I be able to hear my voice on radio if I use Facebook?" queried Ouma as his interest waned after learning he would not.

His predicament is shared by hundreds of other youths in rural areas in Kenya as social networking sites remains an urban affair despite internet use in the East African nation soaring to about 16 million people, mainly driven by use of Facebook and Twitter among young people.

Vincent Musya is a teacher of English at a high school in Kitui in Eastern Kenya and he says nearly all of his students do not know about social media.

"There are some passages in the books we use, which mention about social media and communication but that is all as far as it goes. The students do not know anything about the sites," he observed.

During his lessons when the subject pops up Nike Air Force 1 Mens , Musya said he tries to explain to students what Facebook entails.

"I use my phone to show them how they can open a Facebook account, upload photos and post messages, but that is the much I can do," he said.

Musya did that in second term before teachers went on strike and after the dispute was resolved and students returned to school, he asked if any of them had opened a Facebook account, but none had.

He blames it on lack of information, interest and infrastructure to allow them access the platforms.

"Many of the students here face several challenges that it becomes hard for them to think about things like Facebook Nike Air Force 1 Womens , which can be termed as a luxury. For instance, some of them their parents cannot fully provide for their basic needs. They have to grapple with this first before thinking about social media," he said.

Similarly, the students can only access social media in cybercafes but the businesses are not readily available.

"This is not a Kitui problem alone but in many rural areas in Kenya, one has to travel to reach the market center where cybercafes are located. It becomes difficult for many youths to do this," he said.

In urban areas, most youths learn about social media from their peers Nike Air Force 1 , which makes them take keen interest.

"This cannot happen in rural areas because those who should teach others also do not know. Social media will remain a mystery, perhaps until a new technology takes over," he said.

However, it is not only social media that is a mystery to young people in rural Kenya, even email accounts.

"I have colleagues at school. They are in their mid 30s, but they do not even have email accounts. I can excuse them with social media, but email addresses Cheap Air Force 1 , which have stayed with us for over a decade? I think it is lack of interest," said Boniface Kangu, a primary school teacher in Kakamega, western Kenya.

Kangu and Musya noted that schools are best-placed to introduce new technologies like internet, social media and email to students and local communities.

"I am ecstatic about the government bringing free laptops to primary schools. This is the only way students in rural areas will be able to catch up with their counterparts in towns when it comes to use of new technologies," said Kangu.

by Michael Place

MANAUS, June 13 (Xinhua) -- The company in charge of laying and maintaining the Arena da Amazonia pitch in Manaus has described as "fanciful" reports that paint was used to hide damaged turf.

Portuguese firm Red Air Force 1 Sale , which is responsible for the pitch in a partnership with Rio de Janeiro-based Greenleaf Gramados, guaranteed it would be ready for England and Italy's World Cup Group D clash on Saturday.

"Paint the field? It's a lie," Red spokesman Miguel Bastos told Maisfutebol. "What the pictures show is a spray.

"We already know how the British tabloids are. It's totally fanciful news. These are sprays. It is impossible to paint the grass with a spray of 50 litres. The employee is only to apply the product in the affected areas to grow grass."

Photographs taken during the week showed brown lines and apparent uneven patches on the playing surface.

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