ANKARA Ozzie Guillen Jersey , Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Roman sarcophagus of Hercules, which was smuggled abroad 50 years ago, was put on display in an official ceremony on Sunday at its home in Turkey's Mediterranean resort of Antalya.

The sarcophagus was delivered to Turkish officials in Geneva, Switzerland on Sept. 13 and returned back to Turkey in the following day, local Hurriyet daily reported.

Speaking at the ceremony at the Antalya Museum, Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmus said that it was not easy to bring such pieces back to their homes, adding that the ministry was in contact with foreign authorities to return 57 pieces back to Turkey.

The ancient Roman artifact was found during illegal excavations in the ancient city of Perge in Antalya and smuggled out of the country in late 1960s.

The marble sarcophagus, which depicts the 12 labors of Hercules, is authenticated to be sculpted around the end of the 2nd century AD, according to experts and archaeologists.

In 2015, a Swiss court ruled that it should be returned to Turkey which has sought its return since 2011.

Since 2003, Turkey has been seeking a legal process for the retrieval of several artifacts. Over 4,000 smuggled artifacts were repatriated to Turkey from 2004 to 2016, according to official statistics.

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Promotional material for The Great Wall featuring Matt Damon Photo: IC

While concerns that renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou's new film The Great Wall was whitewashing its cast has became a huge topic of discussion on social media in the US, film lovers in China seem to be less interested in weighing in on the discussion.

The film became a much-discussed topic on Twitter after US actor Matt Damon responded to accusations that his leading role in the China-Hollywood co-produced action blockbuster was whitewashing in an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Damon, well-known by Chinese audiences for his Bourne series, told AP that his participation in the film did not replace any Asian actors, as his role in the movie was planned from the very beginning.

All quiet in China

Currently, discussion about the film in China has focused more on the Chinese cast, which includes young stars Wang Junkai and Lu Han, than any controversy about race.

Judging from the hundreds of comments on a Sina Weibo post by the Global Times featuring a video of the AP interview, some don't even know what "whitewashing" is.

"What bad thing did he do that he needs to whitewash it?" a Weibo user called Little G Is Not Busy commented, clearly thinking of the more common meaning of whitewash - "a deliberate concealment of someone's mistakes or faults in order to clear their name."

Chinese filmgoers' innocence about whitewashing and other race issues in film is not uncommon, according to Chen Changye, editor-in-chief of film blog Yiyuguancha.

"The US film industry is more concerned about such issues because they were one of the earliest to launch affirmative action and due to the country's strong diversity," Chen told the Global Times in an interview on Thursday.

Good business

Some suspect that the debate in the US is actually part of the film's promotional strategy - a way to get people talking about the film before its official release next week in China.

"To me, it seems they are just trying to stir up social media and create discussion. They just had a press conference in China for the film a day ago," a moviegoer surnamed Li told the Global Times on Wednesday.

A co-produced blockbuster boasting a $150 million budget, The Great Wall takes the familiar Hollywood monster movie and sets it in ancient China - a clear attempt to woe Chinese and US moviegoers.

Chen pointed out that the choice of Damon reflects China Film Group, LeVision Pictures and Universal Pictures' strategy to capture attention and spark discussion on social media platforms in both countries.

"Choosing Hollywood movie stars in a production like this is an inevitable business decision," Chen said.

"If Chinese movie producers want to sell a film in Hollywood and around the world, they have to bring in Caucasian actors and actresses to play roles meant for Asians or create Caucasian roles in the film for them," he added.

"This is not discrimination, it's just business. Chinese stars, such as Zhang Ziyi and Jing Tian, are not as globally-influential as Hollywood celebrities yet. This is the reality."

HOHHOT, China, May 25 (Xinhua) -- A two-day Naadam fair featuring ethnic Mongolian sports items kicked off Wednesday in a college located in northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The organizer, Hohhot Minzu College, was to hold a series of traditional Monglian sports items including Mongolian wrestling, archery, Mongolian chess and others.

On the opening day of the fair, the college students and teachers, comprising mainly ethnic Mongolians, had attended a fire worship ritual, a Mongolian costume show as well as singing and dancing activities.

"The campus Naadam fair, the sixth of its kind up to now, aimed to preserve and pass on ethnic Mongolian sports treasure," said the college headmaster Gerletu.

More than 1,000 students and teachers had applied to participate in the sports items, he added.

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