Going to Florida can be Guillermo Celis Colombia Jersey , for most, a holiday of a lifetime quite literally as families choose "The right time to take the Kids" and will only ever go once.

Imagine if your holiday of a lifetime turned into a complete disaster just because you didn't do some simple planning that the 'Kids' could easily do for you?

You may choose to stay in a hotel for ease of planning although the cost of a package deal can use up some of your spending money. Planning your own trip is more fun for all the family and staying in 'your own villa', in most cases, works out less expensive and offers you more freedom and relaxation. And it really isn't as daunting as it may first seem.

There are a number of 'Hints and Tips' that you can use to ensure you get what you want when you go to Florida and stay in a beautiful Floridian Home.

Follow these simple instructions and you will enjoy your well earned break in the Sunshine State.

1. Rule number one, get all the family involved in the choice of home you stay in. There are 1000's to choose from and if only one or two of you make the choice, and it doesn't suit the rest of your family on arrival, guess who gets the blame? You do! Let the 'Kids' search on web sites and be specific with what you are looking for, with all villas available for rent there are so many variations of amenities. So start by making a list of what you ALL want for example:- Private pool (not shared), near to a food store (walking distance for all), more than one Television, Free Internet access, Free telephone calls (local and International), short drive from main attractions (so you can pop back for a mid-day swim) and the list goes on.

Two important tips; Look for villas with a 'Virtual Tour' so you can see what the villa is really like as photographs can sometimes be deceiving. Also choose one with an on line guest book so you can read what others have had to say about the home, don't just take the owners word on how nice the home is.

2. OK, now you have found a place to stay check the availability; most advertisers have an up-to-date calendar of availability on their sites. DON'T BOOK IT YET, send a provisional enquiry and ask that the owner holds on to your booking until you get your flights confirmed. Most airlines advertise prices around 11 months in advance so shop early and don't think the longer you wait the cheaper it will become. In most cases the first price offered is normally the best, unless you are only one person travelling then you may get a last minute deal. But do shop around.

3. Once you have booked your flights re-contact the villa owner and 'use' them for advice. When all said and done if they want your business they should help you all they can. So ensure they work in your favour, ask about car hire, restaurants to visit (although not everyone has the same taste), best place for theme park tickets and any other burning questions you may have. A good home owner will know the area and should be able to supply you with a list of 'Do's and Don'ts to ensure you make the most of your stay and the villa you are renting. Also you should be able to contact the villa owners Management Company in cases of emergency 24 hours a day, ask before you book what the policy is on this.

Finally, ask about cancellation there are many reasons for you having to cancel make sure you are aware of them before you even make a deposit or you could lose all your cash.

I trust this helps you plan, enjoy and re-visit the Sunshine State of Florida, and that you have a holiday of a lifetime.
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Phil Howard has been renting his beautiful holiday villa in Florida for over 12 years and he wants you to have the holiday of a lifetime. See why his florida holiday villa is occupied for over 40 weeks every year

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