Any reference to kayaking gives rise to images of gushing rivers or calm lakes amidst warm tropical forests. However Madison Bowey Jersey , many would be surprised to know that kayaking was invented in the freezing lands of the Arctic. It was in the snowbound nation of Greenland that kayaking was first practiced before it came to be accepted by other countries.

Greenland Kayaking ? A Few Facts

The contemporary form of kayaking has greatly been inspired from the kayaking style practiced by the Inuits in Greenland. The kayak was first designed by the Inuits and is known as ?qajag? in Greenland. In fact in 1600 and 1700AD, most Greenlanders were experts at kayaking. This was mainly because the Greenlanders used the kayaks to hunt seals and fish.

However, by the 20th century, kayaking almost disappeared from Greenland to be revived only in 1983. However, due to the persistent efforts of kayaking organizations and dedicated kayakers, Greenland kayaking has again become very popular.

While kayaking in Greenland, paddlers get an opportunity to paddle past massive icebergs and huge mountains rising from the sea. Another exciting location for kayaking is the inner fjord systems near Kulusuk Islands. However, not everyone can kayak in the freezing waters and requires the paddlers to have some concrete kayaking experience.

This is mainly because paddlers must negotiate tough weather conditions, ice cold water, navigate tides (for sea kayaking) and good at rescue tactics. Yet another pre requisite for kayaking in Greenland is the right choice of apparel. It is recommended that paddlers use a dry suit or a combination of a wet suit and anorak dry suit. East Greenland has a host of kayaking locations that challenge the skill of the paddlers.

Qaannat Kattuffiat

An organization that began in 1984, Qaannat Kattuffiat (literally means kayaks? club) works mainly to preserve the traditional kayaking techniques of Greenland. Within a year of its inception, the Qaannat Kattuffiat had 1000 club members. The organization is based in Greenland but has now spread to various countries.

The US chapter of the organization is called Qajaq USA while the Copenhagen chapter is called Qajaq Copenhagen. The Qaannat Kattuffiat holds training camps and workshops to propagate the traditional kayaking skills.

The biggest contribution of this organization is that they have identified and brought together the few handful kayakers who knew the traditional form of kayaking. These experts then taught the keen enthusiasts the several techniques and nuances of Greenland kayaking.

This organization works in every sphere to encourage traditional methods of kayaking, which includes organizing training camps, kayaking contests and events, lectures by experts and providing forums for paddlers to discuss various issues on kayaking.

There Qajag USA annual calendar is full of exciting kayaking events and competitions. It includes Traditional Arctic Symposiums, Annual Gatherings of Paddlers and training camps. It also involves week long celebration of Greenland kayaking which consist of live demonstrations, slide shows and practical lessons.

These events have greatly led to the increase in awareness about Greenland kayaking and allowed enthusiasts to learn the traditional techniques of this sport.
Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang posts a photo with his girlfriend at Tencent Weibo this morning to announce his marriage. The couple, leaning against a hurdle at a running track in the photo, will get their marriage certificates in Shanghai today. --Tencent

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang posts a photo with his girlfriend at Tencent Weibo this morning to announce his marriage. The couple, leaning against a hurdle at a running track in the photo, will get their marriage certificates in Shanghai today.

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