TRIPOLI http://www.winnipegjetsteamstore.com/ad … nne-jersey , Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- More than 100 migrants have drowned after their boat sank off western Libyan coast, Libyan navy spokesman told Xinhua on Thursday.

Qasem said the migrants drowned while trying to cross towards Europe. Only seven of them survived.

He also said that Libyan navy rescued more than 3,000 migrants of different nationalities by 12 operations off Libyan coast in the past 10 days.

Most of the rescue operations were done in western Libya.

Thousands of migrants drown in the Mediterranean while attempting to cross from Libya towards Europe. Smugglers take advantage of the insecurity and chaos in the North African country to send migrants in rickety boats, many of whom drown on the way.

Those rescued by the Libyan navy are taken to reception centers with poor living conditions.

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DAMASCUS, May 2 (Xinhua) -- The Syrian Interior Ministry denied reports that inmates have taken control of a prison in the central city of Hama on Monday.

Earlier in the day, the Russia Today TV said inmates have taken control of Hama prison, releasing a footage shot by a cellphone from inside the facility with inmates shouting amid a state of melee.

It added that the prisoners have captured some officers and kept them as hostages.

Meanwhile, a well-informed source said police and military forces are surrounding the facility in preparation to storm it after the prisoners took control over the facility.

Further details are still forthcoming.


A TODDLER who survived a savage beating in an elevator and a fall from a 25th floor balcony last November can now walk unassisted, his father said yesterday.

Li Shengzhong said his 2-year-old son, known as Yuanyuan, has been receiving rehabilitation treatment since January 10, following his ordeal at a residential complex in southwest China’s Chongqing city.

Yuanyuan has been receiving rehabilitation treatment since January 10 Yuanyuan has been receiving rehabilitation treatment since January 10 Yuanyuan has been receiving rehabilitation treatment since January 10

He was attacked apparently at random by a 10-year-old girl in the apartment building where they lived. She then took him to her apartment, where the tot fell from the balcony.

“Every day he has nearly eight hours of therapy,” Li said, adding that Yuanyuan wears specially-made shoes to help strengthen his legs.

He can now raise his arms and walk independently, though still cannot grasp with his hands and his left foot is weak, Li told the China News Agency.

While doctors haven’t given a date when Yuanyuan can leave hospital, Li hopes his son will be home before his 3rd birthday on May 6.

“Come on, Yuanyuan, you have to get well,” Li wrote on his weibo microblog account.

“God must have seen his great efforts (to recover),” he added.

Web users welcomed the news that Yuanyuan is making progress.

“This is great. We all bless you,” one comment read.

Yuanyuan was dubbed a miracle child after surviving severe brain injuries, skull fractures and bleeding on his lungs.

He regained consciousness on December 5, and that month was out of intensive care.

On November 25, Yuanyuan’s grandmother took the boy down in an elevator in their residential building in Chongqing’s Changshou District.

At the first floor, she took out the baby stroller. The girl got in, and when the grandmother turned to fetch her grandson, the doors had closed.

The girl is too young to be charged, police said. She is now said to be living in western China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region with her mother.


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