Platform trucks are available in a variety of models and are widely used in factories and warehouses. As they are often motorised and heavy when loaded … ito-jersey , it is of great importance that they are used safely and correctly. Although most come with ?dead man?s breaks? and anti pinning systems, it is worthwhile considering which other techniques can be used to improve safety within a given environment. Of course accidents do happen ? they cannot be avoided completely but risks can, and should, be minimised.

There are a large amount of health and safety guidelines around to reduce the risk of harm to people in all sorts of situations. Work places where a lot of manual activity is required can be very dangerous. Warehouses and factories often have a lot of heavy lifting jobs that need doing, and platform trucks are one way in which moving loads is made quicker, easier and safer. In order to achieve the safest possible use of any workplace machine, companies need to ensure that anyone concerned is aware of any associated risks and safe use. In many situations it is the responsibility of an employer to ensure staff wellbeing. If ever in doubt about health and safety, advice should always be sought from appropriate organizations.

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It stands to reason that staff will need training in the proper use of platform trucks. Competence and ability to use equipment should be ensured prior to work commencing. Even new workers who have previous experience will need to be briefed on company policies. The provision of refresher courses for all staff concerned is often a good idea. This ensures that staff understand their job and are aware that health and safety are taken very seriously. Employees should know that they are expected to remember good practice at all times. One way to provide information and guidance that is easily accessible is by using notice boards and signs in the working environment. Communication and cooperation between management, supervisors, staff and visitors is key to any safe working environment. Accidents and near misses should be recorded accurately in case investigation is necessary, and to prevent recurrence. All visitors should be advised of health and safety rules and issues. They should wear clothing appropriate for the environment as should staff whether that be high visibility jackets, boots with protective toe caps or hard hats. On occasions when work is being carried out after hours, a supervisor should still be present, as well as someone with first aid training.

When using platform trucks particular attention should be paid to the main routes the truck will be using. Is the path wide enough for people to pass the truck on at least one side? Is the surface relatively smooth and free of potholes? Does it slope? Routes may need to be checked frequently for hazards and spillages. As with all things, common sense is vital when using platform trucks. They are large and bulky objects that should be handled carefully and professionally. Used properly, platform trucks allow loads to be moved safely and efficiently to where they need to be.

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