Israel is a beautiful country Julian Weigl Trikot , which is rich in cultural and historical heritage that attracts a good number of tourists every year. It is southwest Asian country that has the Mediterranean Sea on its southeastern edge and is surrounded by countries like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt from all the other sides. As a whole, the country cannot be visited all at once so following are the top travel destinations which are to be given eminence over the other places:

- Jerusalem: this is the top most traveled city of this country as it has special place in the hearts of Christians, Jews and Muslims all around the globe. This city is the mix of contemporary delight and ancient wonder, a city where past join hands with the future and brings the best thing for the tourists to enjoy here and get delighted.

- Tel Aviv: this city is another most traveled place of this country because f the diverse culture it has. There are so many cultural institutions that grab the attention of people across the world. These cultural institutions include opera halls, galleries, theaters and museums that are rich in history and architecture. There are other attractions like shopping malls, Mediterranean beaches and restaurants that can be explored to length and enjoyed immensely.

- Bar Am: this is an ancient city in Israel, which is evidence of the historical events that took place in the fourth and fifth centuries. There is one such ancient synagogue here about an old village in bar am that was made beautifully from hewn stones testifies the times when a highly flourishing Jewish community lived at these places.

Another attraction of this place is a Maronite church, which is being revered by Jewish people even today. At a nearby place there is the natural reserve which is called by the name Baram Oaks is a rare forest where tall kermes oak trees are found.

- Eilat: this is a coastal area of Israel situated at the southernmost tip of this country. It has a variety of water resorts, best beaches and coral reef diving areas. It also has habitat of dolphin reef where people enjoy and have fun with these friendly animals. There are found two mountain ranges, the Jordan Edom Mountains and the Eilat range over here.

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