Sixth, your clouds employ depth involving field influence production, dazzling and pure.

Observe YanZhi

The duration of the legitimate cigarette can be 83 mm, among which  the duration of the joining paper can be 32 mm. It adopts the task of rubber stamping and important grain, plus the "DIAMOND" font can be hollow.

Take notice of the QR rule

Authentic solutions using two-dimensional rule Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA retroactive confirmation technology, Newport 100s Cigarettes after cracking open the box might Wholesale Cigarettes Store be scanned rule authenticity. The two-dimensional code in the box can be printed for the folding tongue in the end cover in the box; The two-dimensional code in the small field is printed on the medial side the second cover in the small field.

Look with the small field frame cardstock

"Diamond" (Gentleman inside middle) smaller box figure paper is often a random structure of plum, orchid, bamboo bed sheets and chrysanthemum.