After a year of rehabilitation for his leg, Brady was able to earn his trust from Tiburon and EA in the past, since his life-threatening injury did not result in Brady's Madden rating dipping in any way Madden 22 coins. At the 97 mark overall, he was still a dominant player, even though 16-0 was out of the realm of possibility for his actual counterpart. The Patriots were 10-6 in that season however, Brady's most recent Super Bowl victory was starting to fade from the rearview mirror.

Brady's 2010 season was the start of the Gronk period. The Patriots made a draft Rob Gronkowski, and Brady was a success. The slight dip in his real-life numbers in the previous year translated into a similar reduction of his Madden overall performance, but his career was set to be forever changed.

The brand new Patriots offense was to be a catalyst for the league to discover or create dominating do-it-all tight ends such as Gronk however, the majority of QB-TE teams today, 10 years later are still trying to match the numbers that Brady and Gronkowski could put together. In Madden the pair was unstoppable for a time of several years.

Brady was a member of The 99 Club for the 3rd time during Madden NFL 2012--you'll remember it famously as the time when Browns fans filled the stadium with votes that will decide who would be the cover player and a flash-in-the-pan RB was chosen Peyton Hillis to "grace" the box art.

Brady as well as Gronk were in the second year and thriving which led to Brady's first 5,000-yard campaign, however, an injured Gronkowski was unable to buy mut coins play in the playoffs and the Patriots were unable to defeat their rivals the Giants at the Super Bowl for the second time since 2007.